Regionálne kultúrne centrum v Prievidzi

About us

RKC - foto: Monika ErgangováWe are regional cultural institution which operates in the region of upper Nitra - in Prievidza and Partizánske districts.

From 1959 we pay much attention to specialized-advisory support to the organizers of cultural  events and we help the municipal officers as well as the cultural institutions in these areas:

-  artistic work - amateur music, singing, folklore, dancing, creative art, traditional crafts

- interest education, environmental education, prevention of the drug addictions, prevention of criminality, work with seniors

- community events ( welcoming of a new born babies, funerals, various celebrations and     anniversaries, etc. )

- regional education - preparation for anniversaries of the first written record of a town/village, chronicle activities

 - education in the spirit of the regional traditions, ethnology

  Regional cultural centre is the organizer of many national, regional exhibitions, competitions, festivals and celebrations.